Enabling human potential is the core of Thrive Purpose and all that I do. Unparalleled growth in professionals, leaders, and teams is made possible by integrating traditional coaching skills with uncommon brain function insights. This combination of resources enables individuals and groups to develop the most consistently reliable and highest-performing foundation from which to operate and to reach exceptional levels of achievement in the shortest amount of time. 

I am a leadership and team coach with an intense focus on brain function, interpersonal dynamics, and human potential. My passion lies in working with leaders, teams, and professionals across a variety of industries. 

Valerie Biehl

Leadership & Team Coach


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Learn to recognize and release the grip of unproductive and counterproductive thoughts, judgments, and behaviors on your mind and life. Clear what is holding you back so you can move forward on the path that you choose. 



Understand the way your brain functions and the limitless opportunities you can create for yourself. Learn the skills you need to develop to enhance your natural talent and accelerate along the path of reaching your potential.



Learn how to connect with those who are similar and complementary to you to bring ideas and initiatives into their fullest expression and potential. Build far more meaningful and productive relationships for unparalleled success.


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