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Becoming a top performer

and exceptional leader is

only possible with a dedicated practice of developing and strengthening your mindset.

It is a healthy and resilient mind that is fit for the challenge that gives us the courage to take on bigger and bolder initiatives, reserves to overcome obstacles, grit to see projects through to fruition, and the ability to maintain integrity along the way.



When we continuously strive

to enhance our abilities to navigate external challenges, architect new solutions, make sound decisions, optimize the use of resources, and strengthen our mindset,

we begin to maximize our individual performance. As a result, new possibilities come into view, and our ability to reach stretch targets becomes increasingly possible.


Achieving our potential becomes possible when we progressively build our capabilities to engage, motivate, and partner with others, along with our mindset and individual performance. Our ability to effectively communicate our thoughts as well as embrace and enable the capabilities of others allows us to bring ideas and initiatives to their fullest potential and determines our ultimate success.


We are all wired differently.

​There is a great deal of frustration and feelings of failure to navigate, along with lost time, money, and opportunity associated with trial-and-error approaches and guidance not meant for how we operate.

We determine our individual and collective success to some extent by the effort we put in, but more so through the approaches we take and the partnerships we make. The Thrive Purpose coaching methodology combines traditional coaching processes with uncommon brain function insights. Individuals and teams that partner with Thrive Purpose reach their goals sooner, with less effort and struggle, and with fewer resources than traditional coaching methods. 

​Leveraging brain function insights enables people to develop a capable and resilient mindset, tap into the depth and breadth of their abilities, and better able to communicate and partner with others to bring big ideas through to fruition. In addition, they also produce increasingly innovative, strategic, and sustainable solutions and operate far closer to their potential. 

I am a Leadership and Team Coach who enables people committed to growth to take leaps toward their potential. I partner with a variety of companies driven to innovate for the greater good.


Valerie Biehl

Leadership & Team Coach



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