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The Details

Ensuring partnership fit

During our initial Coaching and Partnership Exploration Session (you can request one here), together we will identify if we have a good partnership fit. I look for those who are willing to do the work necessary to make meaningful and notable progress in their personal and professional development.

Overarching coaching framework

For team coaching, the following is generally recommended with necessary alterations to fit the client's needs

  • Begin with individually coaching each team member on their cognitive functions as well as teaching tools and techniques to build better partnerships and communication within the team

  • Begin with an intensive group training session that takes place in-person over 2 or 3 days, depending on the group's needs. Training is followed by biweekly integration and general coaching

For leadership and professional coaching, one of below approaches are generally recommended with necessary alterations to fit the coachee's needs

  • Begin with identifying the coachee's cognitive functions and personalized brain function education. Integration and general coaching follow brain function education at a cadence that works best for the coachee, often bi/triweekly

  • Begin with more generalized but concise brain function training. Biweekly general coaching follows brain function training and includes elements of the coachee's preferences as the coachee becomes more comfortable. 

Conducting coaching and training sessions

Sessions are held via the below methods to achieve the most productive meetings possible.

  • Zoom meetings for individual and group coaching

  • In-person meetings for team training

Getting extra time

Please reach out between our meetings if you need support, have a challenge, or can't wait to share a success with me. I enjoy providing this extra level of service and do not bill for time of this type.

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