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Gain insights for the way you are wired

We are all wired differently. Because of this, we can experience frustration, feelings of failure, and lost time, money, and opportunity from guidance not meant for the way we operate and trial and error approaches. Leverage the app to get the insights, tools, and techniques proven to work best for the way you operate and the goals you would like to reach. 

Get 1:1 support from Coach Valerie

Having someone by our side to answer questions, offer support, and provide an objective perspective can make all the difference along our journey. Use the 1:1 area in the app to engage with and get support from Coach Valerie.



Create community with other like minds

There is great wisdom in the crowd and support as well. Ask the community the questions you have not yet found the answers to, thought-provoking questions, insight and guidance questions. Learn from the experiences, lessons, and wisdom of those wired most like you for the most relevant advice for moving forward.

Thanks for submitting!

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the guardians

ESTJ Supervisors

ISTJ Inspectors

ESFJ Providers

ISFJ Nurturers




The strategists

ENTJ Commanders

INTJ Masterminds

ENFJ Protagonists

INFJ Counselors




The ideators

ENTP Debaters

INTP Logicians

ENFP Campaigners

INFP Healers


The Artisans

ESTP Promoters

ISTP Crafters

ESFP Performers

ISFP Composers

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